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By Airman Medical Service Co., Inc.

There are two basic sections on this Web Site: The public section, designed for pilots and Aviation Businesses that may need the services of and AME or MRO, and; the private section, designed to meet the professional needs of AMEs and MROs.

The following is a list, with examples, of the information and data that is available with Subscriber's Access.

  • Federal Aviation Regulations relating to aerospace and the practice of Aviation Medicine: Example - Part 67. Many of the Regs have Section excerpts and amendment histories.
  • Notices of Proposed Rule Making: Specifically the new
    49 CFR Part 40 in four formats; MS-Word, Word Perfect, ASCII text and PDF.
  • Federal Register Notices affecting Drug and Alcohol testing in particular and Aviation Medicine in general. This data is updated daily.
    Example - 64 FR 67965 No. 232, 12/03/99
  • FAA Orders and Advisory Circulars realting to Medicine:
  • Organized Links to FAA and Gov't Web Sites.
  • Organized Links to MRO related Web Sites.
  • Organized Links to Medial Research and Education Sites.

In addition, Subscribers who are AMEs or MROs can have an enhanced listing in our AME-MRO Directory: Example

Although much of this information is available elsewhere, the advantage to subscribing is in having convenient information through a single Web Portal that is maintained and updated daily. See How to Subscribe

Most of the data available here is actually on our Web Server. That way we know where it is, we know it is current and we know it is available fast (uncluttered with useless graphics). The Links, however, lead to other Web Sites that do not necessarily adhere to those standards (current data and high-speed retrieval). Over time, more and more of the important data will be assembled here.


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