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   AME-MRO DataBase ®    
By Airman Medical Service Co., Inc.

Pilot - Patient Recall System

We offer two Pilot Medical Reminder Notice Services:

  1. The Automated Internet service described below, and
  2. A Turnkey service where we mail Notices for you.

The Airman Directory contains the following useful information:

  • Airman Type (Pilot, CFI, CTO, Mechanic, etc.
    (This System will deal only with Pilots & CTOs)
  • Airman's mailing address in the standard form.
  • We have added County name and code data to the file. *
  • Medical Certificate Class (1st, 2nd or 3rd).
  • Date of last Exam and the expiration date for the class.

With this information, we can determine pilots with 3rd class medicals who are over 40 years old and tell when a 1st class Medical Certificate will lapse to 2nd class.

Your first step is to define your Domain for the selection of Pilot records: Class of Medical Certificates and Market Geography. You can select any or all Medical Certificate classes. Then you can create a Market Territory in any of several ways:

  1. Whole states; makes since in RI or DC, not in CA or TX
  2. List of one or more counties
  3. One or more 3-digit Zip Code prefixes **
  4. 5-digit Zip Code range; e.g. 80201 to 80255
  5. Lits of 5-digit Zip Codes

Numbers 2 & 3 above are the easiest, however, may get an area larger than you want, leaving Numbers 4 or 5 as alternatives.

Each time you define a territory, we will calculate the number of Pilots involved and the number of anticipated expirations in each of the next three months. You can experiment with territory definitions until you are happy with the result (No. of pilots matches your budget for Reminder-Recall Notices). Once you are happy with the territory definition you can save it and leave it alone, or you can change it each month (or any time you choose).

Medical Certificate expirations will vary from month-to-month within any given territory definition. The variation is typically seasonal with the greatest number in the spring and early summer and the least in Nov., Dec. and Jan. Seasonal variation is more pronounced in the northern states than in the "Sun Belt".

Once your Domain has been defined, you are ready to print mailing labels. Some time during the month preceding the "expiration month" in question, you go to this Web Site and enter the proper identifying data to activate your territory definition. Then simply select the "Process" function and a Pilot Name & Address label file will be produced that matches your selection criteria.

The Pilot Name & Address label file can then be downloaded to your computer and used to print mailing lables. The lables can be used on Post Cards, envelopes or folded flyers; your choice.

The question sloshing around the astute reader's mind for last few minutes is: Just exactly how are you going to do this???
First; you can select the output format for the label file. This will allow you to use whatever system you currently use for label printing. As an alternative, we will provide step-by-step (click-by-click) instructions to print labels using your existing Word Processor and your existing printer.

The major benefits to the Automated Internet Service are cost and flexibility; you're in total control of the message content and the process.

Cost of this service is only $20 per month; paid annually;
How to Subscribe for details)

We offer an alternative "Turnkey" service where we do all of the work and mail First Class Post Cards (See Turnkey)

* The County data is necessarily imperfect since the Zip Code and County boundaries do not match. Typically, there are multiple Zip Codes within a county. However, in the worst case there is a Zip Code in TN that contains 6 counties and there is one in New England that crosses a state line. In most cases, the imperfection is trivial. However, in rare cases you may send reminders to a pilot on the "near edge" of an adjacent county.

** Zip Codes have several parts: PPPSS-4444 xx. Zip 4 has been around for a while and typically (but not always) relates to a specific carrier's route. The "delivery point" (xx) is only included in the Bar Code. We can ignore these two elements. The PPPSS, 5-digit code is of interest. The PPP represents a contiguous geographic area which can be divided into up to 100 desecrate 5-digit Zip Codes. A quasi exception is the "donut" PPP, where a growing city is "cored" by inserting a new PPP at the city center, leaving the original PPP as a donut around the city center. In many cases, one or more PPPs are an ideal way to define a territory.

Airman Medical Service Co., Inc.

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