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Airman Directory

After an absence of almost 3 years, the Airman Directory is available again in a new format which includes all current Certificate Holders; that's everyone from Pilots to Parachute Riggers.


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Updated:  Monthly

Content:  Pilots, Flight & Ground Instructors, Flight Engineers, Mechanics, Repairman, Navigators, Dispatchers, Control Tower Operators and Parachute Riggers. The data includes name & address information and the expiration for CFI certificates.

The file does not include information on individuals who have requested that their name & address be withheld from the public database.


  1. Name
  2. Type of Certificate; Pilot, CFI, CTO, etc.
  3. Level of Pilot Certicate; PVT, COM, etc. *
  4. State, County and Zip Code

Common Uses:

  1. Find an Airman by name;
  2. Find Airman by type, i.e. CFI, CTO, Mechanic, etc.;
  3. Select by Type, Level, State, County and/or Zip Code
    for mailing lists.

* The FAA has introduced a new "unofficial" term for Pilot Certificates; "Level" is used to distinguish Student, Rec., Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Airman Certificates.

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